Public hearing on "Adjustment of Tuition Fees for College of Engineering Graduate Students"

Public hearing on "Adjustment of Tuition Fees for College of Engineering Graduate Students”

Basis: Guidelines of National Tsinghua University Public Hearing


The tuition fees of our students have not been adjusted for more than 15 years since the 2004 academic year. Based on the increase in the overall operating cost of the university, and various research equipment needed to be updated in the engineering field, therefore it is hoped that the tuition fees for graduate students will be fine-tuned. Freshmen who have enrolled the university since the 2020 academic year will increase tuition fees by 10%, and will effectively use the increased funds for postgraduate research. In order to make teachers and students understand the case and collect opinions, this public hearing is specially organized.

Date: Monday, March 23, 2020 12:20

Venue: Class 101, Engineering Building I

Host: National Tsinghua University College of Engineering


12: 10 ~ 12: 20 Registration

12: 20 ~ 12: 25 Moderator explains key points of public hearing

12: 25 ~ 12: 35 Briefing explaining tuition fees adjustment

12: 35 ~ 13: 20 Participants present their opinions

(Speak in the order specified by the host, each person is limited to 3 minutes, and those who have not spoken are given priority.)

13: 20 ~ 13: 30 Moderator's conclusion


1. Please refer to the website of the College of Engineering of the public hearing for related information.

2. The participants of the public hearing are teachers and students of engineering colleges. For participants, please go to the link  to register before noon on March 18.

2. Speakers should cooperate with filling in the speech list and signing it. For those who have not filled in the speech list, the content of the presentation or question can be selected by the organizer.

3. Those who are unable to attend can express their opinions in writing and send them to College of Engineering before noon on March 18, 2020

Attachment: Public Hearing Speech List