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[COE Seminar] 2022/05/17: "Mathematical Modeling of Vorticity-Dominated Flows" - Prof. Ching CHANG, PME/NTHU

11020E500100 College of Engineering Seminar

▸ Mathematical Modeling of Vorticity-Dominated Flows

❝ While computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is expensive and time consuming, vortex dynamics provide another physical based and mathematically sound approach to analyze fluid flows. Classic vortex dynamic concerns inviscid flows with unit density and no body forces. We will discuss two extensions of classic models in vortex filaments and contour dynamics, with the addition of density jump, surface tension and gravity. These reduced models could provide low-computation-cost approximations, make it feasible in applications such as (real-time) control for fluid flows. Beside the modeling, a linear stability theory is applied to a Rankine vorticity core with parametric resonance. The curvature and Moore-Saffman-Tsai-Widnall instabilities are examined while density and surface tension are introduced. Understanding the nature of vortex stability provides us guidance for optimization problems in a multi-dimensional parameter space, before we start any time-consuming CFD simulations.

▸ Prof. Ching CHANG
▸ Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

▸ 2022/05/17 (TUE) 13:20 – 15:20

▸ Google Meet

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