[COE Seminar] 2024/05/14: "Introduction to Systematic Innovation: Theory & Examples" - Prof. Dongliang Daniel Sheu, International Society of Innovation Methods

11220E500100 College of Engineering Seminar

▸ Introduction to Systematic Innovation: Theory & Examples

❝ This speech introduces several tools and industry success cases of systematic technological innovation of the enhanced version of TRIZ (A+TRIZ). Specially introduces the more powerful thinking modes and tools that are not mentioned in traditional TRIZ. Systematic innovation is an effective and important systematic method in today's innovation, solving industrial engineering problems, patent circumvention, regeneration, and expansion.


  • 7 pillars of TRIZ Philosophies
  • Breakthrough Innovation Concepts and Real-World Applications
    • Paradigm Shift vs Optimization
    • Resources:Waste to Wonderful & harm to help
    • Problem-solving: Subtraction vs Addition/Substitution
    • Using Trends for product innovation
  • Systematic Innovation Methods for Patent Analysis
  • Further Learning Resources

▸ Prof. Dongliang Daniel Sheu
▸ President, International Society of Innovation Methods
▸ Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Systematic Innovation (SCOPUS)
▸ Area Editor, Computers & Industrial Engineering (SCI)
▸ Honorary President, Society of Systematic Innovation
▸ Professor Emeritus, National Tsing Hua University

Short Bio
❝ Professor Dongliang Sheu holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and a Master of Information Science from the University of California, Los Angeles; a Master of Business Administration from Northwestern University; a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York; a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University. Research fields include Intelligence innovation methods, systematic innovation engineering and management, design and manufacturing management, factory diagnosis and improvement. 9 years of industry experience and 27 years of academic experience. He worked for Motorola and Hewlett-Packard in the United States for many years. 21 invited keynote speeches at international seminars. 26 invited keynote speeches at cross-strait or Chinese seminars. He has authored 13 books and translated 7 books in the innovation methods; 16 patents from the United States, China and Taiwan. He has been invited to teach or consulted more than 100 times in more than 70 companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. He has taught more than 8,000 students in TRIZ. Consulted industry, successfully solving more than 100 product/process/equipment industry problems. Developed a set of patent avoidance regeneration and strengthening methods, successfully circumvented more than 40 patents, and generated many patentable ideas.

▸ Prof. Wei-Chang Yeh
▸ Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, National Tsing Hua University

▸ 2024/05/14 (TUE) 13:20 ~ 15:10

▸ Classroom 202, Chemical Engineering Building