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2020/05/14 - NTHU College of Engineering Shu-Ren Fund Donation Ceremony

20200514 Shu Ren Fund Donation Ceremony

NTHU College of Engineering held "Shu-Ren Fund" Donation Ceremony on May 14th, 2020

With the donation and supports from C SUN Mfg., Ltd, Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd. (GPM), and Gallant Micro. Machining Co., Ltd. (GMM), the monthly salary for new teachers in College of Engineering can be increased by 20,000 NTD from this year, for the period of two years.

President Hong Hocheng paid special thanks to C SUN, Gallant Precision Machining, and Gallant Micro. Machining for their kindness, generosity, and help in the crisis of talent shortage; praising these three companies as the "Hidden Champions" of Taiwan's panel, chip and semiconductor equipment.

Dean Zhihuang Lai, taking College of Engineering for instance, pointed out that we are facing a wave of retirement where 60% of the full-time teachers will retire within 7 years, and thus in urgent need of new blood. Therefore, Dean Lai decided to raise funds from companies and individuals, to set up the "Shu-Ren Fund" to increase the salary for the newly-recruited teachers in College of Engineering, and in so doing, will also create the link between the newly-recruited teachers and the Research and Design of Industries: "Industries in Taiwan must be competitive. First and foremost, we must cultivate good talents. Donating to the newly-recruited teachers is like kindling the lamplight that can shine warm and bright for 30 years.”

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