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The Enterprise Logistics and E-Business Center


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 As an international resource center for advanced theoretical and technical education and R&D on enterprise logistics and e-business, the Electronic Business Center was established in 2003 supported by the Ministry of Education, National Science Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs and other public and private organizations. In June 2008, the center changed name to The Enterprise Logistics and E-Business Center (ELEBC). The philosophy of establishing the center is to build an open resource center for online Logistics management and E-Business technology learning and knowledge sharing among the academic community, industries and government. A three-tier architecture is carefully planned and developed for center operations.

Through the architecture, the most-updated resources can be customized and distributed to other users without the limitations of location and time. The center provides sophisticated technologies, facilities and course materials to support the ELEBC participants in several aspects. Consolidating the technical infrastructure and outreach strategies, the major accomplishment of the center can be categorized into four tracks. These tracks are outreach, education, prototype hosting and technology (R&D) transfer. The concrete deliverables include interdisciplinary curriculum program in Logistics management and E-Business, online teaching materials and case study designs, international workshops, education and training events, construction of web-based Smart classroom/laboratory, newsletter publications, and student project exhibits. In order to enhance the outreach capability, applications of information technology include the video conferencing, ubiquitous computing and intelligent multi-channel call center for higher service quality and efficiency. The focus of ELEBC in e-learning is to provide a collaborative environment that integrates the industry, application service providers and researchers from partner universities to demonstrate an internationalized and industry-oriented training and education platform. In a cost and time effective way, the educational resource exchange and distribution are accomplished via the setting of on-line collaborative network.



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