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The Advanced Packaging Research Center









The Advanced Packaging Research Center (APRC) was established in 2006. It comprises 5 departments (Power Mechanical Dept., Materials Science and Engineering Dept., Chemical Engineering Dept., Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Dept. and Institute of Nano Engineering and MicroSystems and over 15 faculties offer the expertise in the area of advanced packaging related technologies. APRC performs multidisciplinary research, knowledge sharing, technology/IP transfer, course training, conference/workshop, certificate in packaging technology, industry/research institute cooperation, etc., and the next generation packaging technology is the main focus of this center’s work. APRC pursues basic/applied research and training programs in the areas of 3D packaging, 3D IC, wafer level packaging, system-in-packaging, microsystem packaging, electronic materials, reliability assessment, flexible electronics, optical-electronic packaging, nano-structure technology, semiconductor micro/nano mechanics, simulation and testing, which offering solutions to advanced packaging technologies.
The advisory committee comprises the leaders from packaging and semiconductor industries, research institution and university. Companies and research institution of government are encouraged to become strategic partners. The member of APRC can effectively gain access to world leading research organization, world-renowned faculty and a highly cross disciplined and well educated team of students, experts who are deeply knowledgeable in leading-edge advanced packaging technologies.



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