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Center for Advanced Opto-Mechatronic Technologies









The Center for Advanced Opto-Mechatronic Technologies is established with the aim of establishing and promoting cooperation between industry and NTHU particularly in technological areas of opto-mechatronics including but not limited to opto-mechanical imaging systems, opto-mechanical projection systems, opto-mechanical driving and positioning systems, auto-optical inspection systems, opto-mechatronic electronic circuits systems, and opto-mechanical thermal systems. It is expected that through clustering and integrating of academic research activities within the Center, advancement of engineering knowledge, development of advanced technologies and industry-university collaborations on applied technologies will occur through multi-disciplinary collaborations. Educational function of the Center includes enhancement and enrichment of fundamental courses, involvement of undergraduate students in relevant field of engineering research, and participation of graduate students in industry-university collaborative projects with goal placed on developing students’ professional knowledge and practical experiences.

The Center is composed of university faculty, student members, and industry members. It is led by the Director, who is responsible for overall management of the Center, with the assistance of one to two Associate Directors.



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