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The Department of Power Mechanical Engineering (PME) was founded in 1972 with both undergraduate and master programs. In 1973, we started a research and development project on electrical vehicles, this made the department earn the high reputation as well as set up the landmark in the history of Taiwan government supporting academic research. The Ph.D. program was then established in 1981. To meet the industrial demand for mechanical engineers, we increased undergraduate program to two classes since 1986.

Our department accommodates 34 full-time professors and 5 jointly appointed professors; 9 adjunct professors; 5 administrators; 4 engineers and 2 staff workers. Recently, the amount of students in the department are 798, consisting of 423 undergraduate, 244 Master and 131 Ph.D. students. More than 5000 students graduated from our department. Having received the best training on theoretical background and integration of mechanical and electrical engineering practice, our students have been performing successfully in their proficiency areas.

Our professors have received distinguished awards from Ministry of Education, National Science Council, as well as being granted fellows by American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Society of Experimental Mechanics. Our faculty members also have actively involved in the editorial services for renowned international journals as well as in organizing major international conferences. Moreover, since 2004, our department has gained the grants over NT$ 100 million for over one hundred projects from National Science Council and local industries.

To comply with the upcoming challenges of new hi-tech era, we restructure the conventional courses into five emerging advanced programs to educate our young elites in meeting the nation’s future needs. They are Energy, Electrical and Control, Micro and Nano Technology, and Precision Design and Manufacturing programs. Each student should fulfill at least one of those fields prior to their graduation.

Our department has been one of the top engineering departments in Taiwan, with a strong focus on the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering. PME department has been upgrading its curriculum and places research emphases on four interdisciplinary fields, including power and energy systems technology, optomechatronics technology, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology, and bioengineering. In the future, we will continue hiring new distinguished faculty and obtaining substantial funding from the government and industry to assure our high-quality teaching and internationally renowned research.



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