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The Department of Materials Science and Engineering was founded in 1972. The doctoral program was initiated in 1981. Presently, there are 33 full-time faculty members in our department with an enrollment of 498 undergraduates, 236 Master, and 242 Ph.D. students.

Materials science and engineering includes both theoretical and application studies. In addition, it covers various areas of engineering and science, plays an important role in the development of advanced technologies. Materials science is the foundation for electronics, information, communication, aerospace, mechanics, and optoelectronics industries. In particular, from the trend of high-tech development, one must break the limits of traditional materials in order to get into newer applications. As a result, materials science will be leading and mainstream technology in the future.

Materials Science research in NTHU is ranked among the Top 100 in the world, which is the best among all research areas in Taiwan. Materials science research performed by National Tsing Hua University is ranked the 37th in 2008 (Essential Science Indicator of Thomson Reuters) in the world, the most outstanding department in Taiwan. The students are expected to have the materials processing knowledge in order to work in a high technology industry and learn the fundamentals of the relevant research ability.

Our department has close interaction with Science Park and Industrial Technology Research Institute. We have “Cooperation League of Industry, Academia, and Research” - to provide our students the chance to interact with industry and to expand their vision in the most prospective research and to maintain extensive relationship with the industry.

Our alumni are widespread and play leading roles in all industrial and academic sectors. They are strong backups for our students in their future career developments.



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