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The department was established in 1974 for the purpose of training industrial engineers to support Taiwan’s economic development. The growing trend toward globalization and the need for international economic competitiveness demands highly skilled industrial engineers. Industrial engineering studies the analysis, design, and control of materials, work and information flow of operating systems. A distinguished focus of the field is the integration of humans, machines and materials to achieve high performance of operating systems. Methods of operations research and ergonomics provide the fundamental tools for performing this analysis and integration. Automation has received extensive attention over the last two decades. An integrated automation system includes logistics, finance, marketing and other administrative functions in addition to the fundamental manufacturing system. More recently the field has expanded to include non-industrial operations involving supply, distribution, transportation, communication, information technology, medical care and safety. The design and control of these systems requires the use of scientific methods in a variety of research and application areas.

National Tsing Hua University established the first Masters and Doctors level programs in Taiwan in 1980 and 1985, respectively. The department has developed four academic areas focus on Information and Operations Research,Enterprise Logistics and E-Business (ELEBC), Human Factors Engineering and Safety Management, and Engineering Management. The IEEM curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills across a broad spectrum covering operations, strategic decision making and goal setting. Further, IEEM students are encouraged to take courses from other departments throughout the University, such as the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Economics. Students are also encouraged to work toward interdisciplinary certifications such as Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Semiconductor Industries and Manufacturing, Quantitative Finance and Electronic Commerce. Training in these integrated areas provides students with specialized skills that are essential for their professional competitiveness.

For continuing education, the department offers the masters of engineering degree program, as well as courses at the M.S. level each semester, to managers and engineers from companies located in the Science-Based Industrial Park and other areas. In addition, the department also cooperates with companies to offer specialized IE courses and training to employees.

There are twenty five full-time faculty members in the IEEM department. The faculty members are dedicated to teaching, research and professional services. Near half of the faculty won major research awards. Among them, one professor won Ministry of Education Academic Award, eight professors won National Science Council (NSC) Outstanding Research Awards and three professors won the Outstanding Industrial Cooperative Awards from Ministry of Education. Also, four professors won the NTHU Outstanding Teaching Awards, and four professors have been awarded the Tsing Hua Chair Professors.




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