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 The NEMS Institute, having a former name of Institute of Microelectromechanical Systems before 2007, was established in 2002 to offer both M.S. and Ph.D. programs and to facilitate the integration effort in the multidisciplinary themes of “miniaturization”. The missions of the NEMS Institute are to (1) deliver R&D professionals with nano-engineering ability and capable of utilizing interdisciplinary knowledge and technology to integrate microsystems; (2) support the development of domestic high-tech industries; and (3) build up high quality academic environments for nano/micro domains. In addition, NEMS Institute especially emphasizes “interdisciplinary” integration towards nano, biomedical, and information technologies. To realize our goals, the teaching plan of NEMS Institute covers (1) fundamental studies for nano/micro technologies, (2) design, simulation, fabrication, and testing of nano/micro-electromechanical systems (NEMS/MEMS), and (3) applications of NEMS/MEMS.
Presently, the Institute has 48 master students and 65 doctoral students supervised by 16 professional faculty members from different disciplines, directing advanced research and offering varieties of related graduate courses. The ratio of faculty to students is 1:7.1, lower than the average of National Tsing Hua University, ensuring the best teaching and research quality to our students. The communication and collaboration among different domains leads to such a unique interdisciplinary research environment in NEMS Institute, helping train our students to be the engineering leaders that will be needed in the twenty-first century. The NEMS Institute continuously recruits outstanding faculty members domestically and internationally, enhancing our capability on “nanotechnology” and “microsystems”. Students who graduated from NEMS Institute would have complete academic and research training, allowing them to work in academia, research institutes, and high-tech industries.

The target of NEMS Institute is to utilize the inherent characteristics of miniaturized devices to create innovative products or microsystems with tiny size, multi-function, high performance, and low cost. Those devices would be used in different areas and then evolve into many significant applications where it is the key for forming new technologies in the twenty-first century. The NEMS Institute focuses the education and research activities on the Theory, Technology and Applications of Miniaturization. Moreover, the Applications of Miniaturization includes the following areas: (1) Nanotechnology, (2) Biomedical MEMS, (3) Radio-Frequency MEMS, (4) Optical MEMS, and (5) Information Technology MEMS.

The academic excellence of our faculty has been well recognized by international and domestic peers. Our faculty members have received numerous academic awards, including the Outstanding Scholar Award of the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, Tsing Hua Chair Professor, NSC Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Tsing Hua Outstanding Young Investigator Award, National Innovation Award for Biotechnology, etc. The faculty members of NEMS Institute also serve as Technical Program Chairman and Committee of prestigious international conferences, such as IEEE MEMS and Transducers Conferences. The government/industrial grants per faculty in NEMS Institute is among the highest across universities in Taiwan.




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