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(Rescheduled/TBA) [COE Seminar] "Multifunctional Boron Nanomaterials: From Cancer Treatment to Wastewater Remediation" - Prof. Pei-Yuan KENG, MSE/NTHU

Reschuled; to be announced.

11210E500100 College of Engineering Seminar

▸ Multifunctional Boron Nanomaterials: From Cancer Treatment to Wastewater Remediation

❝ Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is an emerging cancer therapy modality that could deliver an immense gradient of radiation doses in cellular spatiality. BNCT allows selective destruction of individual cancer cells when a selective boron drug is administered without harming neighboring healthy cells upon low energy epithermal neutron irradiation. In contrast to conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy, both cancer and healthy cells are affected by the ionizing radiation that induced cell death. The major barrier for BNCT in the clinic is cancer recurrence after BNCT treatment. One of the major factors leading to cancer recurrence is the insufficient loading of boron-10 and the inhomogeneous distribution of drug throughout the tumor site. To overcome this challenge, our group are developing various polymer-coated boron-rich nanoparticles, with targeting ligand, stimuli-responsiveness, imaging contrast agent, and immunotherapy in potentiating anticancer therapy via BNCT. We have also engineered a new class of metal borate as an effective photoredox catalyst with synergistic properties in advanced oxidation process for environmental remediation. In this talk, I will introduce boron-based nanomaterials for cancer treatment and environmental remediation.

▸ Prof. Pei-Yuan KENGProfessional Experience
▸ Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

Short Bio
Professional Experience
 - National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
 -  2019.02~Now: Assistant Professor

 - University of California Los Angeles
 -  2011.03~2013.08: Assistant Professor

 - University of California Los Angeles
 -  2010.08~2011.03: Postdoctoral fellow

 - Ph.D. in Chemistry at University of Arizona, Tucson
 - B.S in Chemistry at Lewis Clark State College, Idaho

Research Topics
 - Synthesis and functionalization of boron-based nanomaterials and their structure-property correlation.
 - Self-assembly and disassembly of nanoparticles for biomedical application.
 - Engineering of catalyst for environmental remediation.
 - Semiconductor interface engineering 

Personal website and email
 - Keng.py@gapp.nthu.edu.tw
 - Keng Research Group (sites.google.com/view/kengresearchgroup/research)

▸ 2024/01/09 (TUE) 13:20 ~ 15:10 (Rescheduled, to be announced) 

▸ Classroom 202, Chemical Engineering Building

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