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[COE Seminar] 2024/02/27: "Regenerate Arteries with Synthetic Scaffolds Alone" - Prof. Yadong WANG, Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

11220E500100 College of Engineering Seminar

▸ Regenerate Arteries with Synthetic Scaffolds Alone

❝ The extracellular matrix (ECM) guides cells through mechanical and soluble signals. These two factors are the foci of our design of biomaterials.  This presentation will be on mechanical signals. We design degradable elastomers for vascular regeneration because blood vessels must be highly elastic to function properly. The hosts transform the grafts into autologous vascular conduits within a few months, performing the duties of a native artery throughout the whole time. We are currently exploring how these materials perform in several preclinical models. The knowledge will guide clinical translation of these materials.

▸ Prof. Yadong WANG
▸ Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Short Bio
❝ Yadong Wang obtained his Ph.D. degree at Stanford University in 1999, performed his postdoctoral studies at MIT, and joined the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2003 as an assistant professor. He was recruited to Pittsburgh in 2008. He has published high-impact articles at every stage of his academic career in journals including Science, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Medicine, and PNAS. Several of his inventions are licensed, one polymer he invented is now commercially available and approved for clinical use. He co-founded two companies to translate the technologies developed in his laboratory. His research focuses on creating biomaterials that will solve key challenges in the cardiovascular, nervous and musculoskeletal systems. His team enjoys collaboration with others who share the same passion for translational research. (for more information, please visit https://www.engineering.cornell.edu/faculty-directory/yadong-wang)

▸ Prof. Tzu-Wei WANG
▸ Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University

▸ 2024/02/27 (TUE) 13:20 ~ 15:10

▸ Classroom 202, Chemical Engineering Building

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